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you to add to each of them cards with wedding phrases


Recycled and recyclable
If filled with flowers, branches and ears, even wooden boxes and carefully repainted and polished tin cans can be used as centerpieces to be placed on a large imperial table and on individual tables. They lend themselves very well both to a classic reception with total white outfits and to a country chic in a frame outlined by the lush colors of nature.
Lights and soft colors
The candles are that minimal element that manages to bring charm and enchantment to a table, both during a simple dinner and even more in a wedding party, especially when these are placed even in the most strategic points of the room. They can be presented in colored glass jars or in elegant chandeliers: they will create a magical atmosphere during the reception party dresses, from sunset to late evening.
Obviously the invoice and the style of the centerpiece will be chosen according to the type of ceremony, so you will need to opt for those elements that lend themselves to you but which also reflect your personality. Aiming at simplicity does not mean giving up a sophisticated style, indeed; we advise you to add to each of them cards with wedding phrases or something that is strictly related to you.
We are sure that for those who, at the end of the reception, will bring the centerpiece with them cheap blue prom dresses, it will be a pleasure to read anecdotes and phrases of love that tell some indiscretion about you. And what kind of centerpiece will you put in your banquet?


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