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Arcane Legends is a game worth checking out on your PC


Arcane Legends is a free-to-play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game) with a strong focus on co-operation with other players in order to complete quests and vanquish evil saving the mystical world of Arlor from utter annihilation. This pretty much explains the story in a nut shell and you’ll be advancing the story by completing important quests as well as interacting with characters with some comedic cut scenes littered throughout your adventure.

You start off by choosing either a Rogue, Warrior, or Sorcerer character, each with different abilities and attacks. Each character can also be customized slightly, from a handful of different faces, In the beginning you also get to choose a pet partner and name them, but this isn’t a permanent decision like your very first Pokemon Throughout the game, you’ll find and be able to buy new pets. Your pet serves as your ally and help you fight in battle as well as pick up money and other items on the ground. Your pets also level up and learn abilities.

Boss fights are one of most challenging and fun factors in Arcane Legends. Although Boss fights can be quite tough, they can usually be beaten with decent equips and potion spamming. However, with good strategy, you can save your hard earned gold with less potion spent and possibility less dying chances as well. In this Arcane Legends, we will go over everything that you need to know about each of the bosses in the game. Come to 5mmo.com now, you can buy Arcane Legends Gold with fast delivery and 100% safety.

The game also has some cool features such as being able to change how your character looks. Everyone is wearing something different. Some are higher levels with better items in hand, which tends to be the case in most MMO’s. Included in this game are pet’s that you can buy or find. These pets help you during a quest by giving your character stat boosts or even attacking enemies for you. Be sure to make the pet happy! Other features include being able to randomly join other players when visiting new areas, create a clan, and complete many daily tasks. I’ve put in a lot of time into this game and enjoyed it.

This is one of the latest releases in the world of MMORPG gaming and it undoubtedly stands out against any other game. If you aren’t familiar with the term yet, MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. As the genre suggests, Arcane Legends is a game which you can play online and be involved in a massive environment which you can team up with other players.

The graphics of the game are pretty good. In fact, they are pretty amazing considering the fact that the game is a MMORPG. You have your basic attack animations along with special attack or ability animations programmed into the game quite nicely. The custom look of your character (like every other RPG) is nothing special however and doesn’t deserve much space to be discussed. However once you stop awing at the graphics of the game, the gameplay of the game will absorb you back in.


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